Carole Sanders said: Gail, You are doing such a marvelous work for the kingdom. I'm so blessed to be witness to this. Get moving forward.

Annie Peals said: Gail, you are truly sent by God to the women & people of the most high God, for such a time as this. I am so thankful for having met you. Thank God for Katrinka Word being a part of MY PROCESSING :) Continue to teach with love, humility and conviction, the uncompromising word of God! I love you sister!

Anthony Stansell said: I am honored and truly blessed to have you in my life as my Wife, Companion, Lover, and "Best Friend". I am so very Proud of you and the things GOD is having you do in the lives of your Family and in the lives of Women in need. Love you like Crazy !!!

Ms Wanda Valentine said:Hello Ms Gail, so proud of you, for steppimg out and following what our Lord has ask you to do for His women. You are always in my thougths and prayers. May Our Lord and Savior continue to bless and keep you during this walk of faith! Your sister in Christ, Wanda

Shamilla Pennington said: Hi Gail, All I can say is I am so proud of you and the example you have been in my life. You are a God fearing woman who's love for the Lord is "sticking" out all over you from head to toe. I am so glad to know you personally and Thankfully that God purposefully place you in my life so that I too could be "Processed for Purpose". Gail you are truly an extension of God’s love and what it looks like to live a life surrender to God and walking in His will. I love you so much Beautiful Butterfly.

Deborah Moore-Watson said: Gail, I want to thank you for your presence, your words of encouragement and inspiration this past Sunday (Rhonda's Inspiration Luncheon) God spoke to me through you. I've completed reading process for purpose and will be reading it again and again as well as purchasing more to share. God Bless you Woman of God!!

Sharon Judie said: I was blessed by today's call. I'm thankful for "do overs"!

Sandi Adams said: Gail, you are an amazing Woman of God filled with the Joy of the Lord! How I thank God for gracing me with you as a part of my life.

Erika Bowers said:  I loved your message today. It was very inspirational and right on time for where God has me. God is so awesome and He uses awesome people like you to get His word out. Thanks so much for being YOU!!!!

Rhonda Carter: Gail, all glory goes to God for the assignment He has destined you for. I praise Him for it, I thank Him for it. Your faith in Him, trust in Him, and reverence for Him is why He chose you to carry out His plans to transform women of the world. I am honored and humbled to know you. And to be called to be a small part of your ministry in any way, I thank God for that kind of love. 

Anita Latin said: Good Afternoon Reverend Gail, I love your mision and purpose. I am always excited when I find like-minded women of God endeavoring to achieve the same things in the body of Christ. I am a Fuller Theological Alumni (2011). I also have a website and will add you to the Women in Ministry section on my marketplace. I invite you to visit me at ( and please sign my guestbook. I will be at the Serendipity Women's Conference in Fresno this weekend and will purchase your book there and have you autograph it for me. You inspire me. I have a book in the works as well. Look forward to being blessed by the Word and meeting you in person!

Diane Newberry said: Ms. Gail- your messages at the Praise Tabernacle Womens Conference was so spiritually uplifting. You told us to put on a garment of Splendor, choose joy, and don't look back because God has our front and our back all at the same time. and to Let it Go!! Thank you for this very special messages

LaVon Mobley said: Sister-Minister Gail, you've inspired me to be a doer. In marriage, motherhood, studying God's word, and sisterhood; your obedience has brought about revelation, healing, conviction, insight, laughter, wisdom, tears, transition, and acceptance. My purpose?...To live by faith for each season that God has assigned, approved, and anointed with acceptance and intentionality...You've taught me to "Do it afraid", and that the only good fear is the fear of The Lord. I love and appreciate you Lady P.G.

Gwen said: Thank you so much for your midweek "inspirational" Bible study. Today was so on the mark that immediately after your live Bible study I listened to it again. Gayle, thank you for allowing God to use you.

Share your experience with Gail and Processed For Purpose


Antoinette Emery said: Hello my sister-friend, I'm sooo glad to know you personally and so very proud of the courageous steps you've taken to empower yourself for your own purpose and follow your God-given passion and desires of your heart. With lots of love and God's blessings, Antoinette

Erika Bowers said:  Hey there, I am so blessed by your teaching, your friendship and your spirit. I look forward to continuing our friendship/sisterhood together. Love ya sis!

La Shawn Brinson said: Hi Gail, First of all let me say that I miss you dearly. You have been a wonderful source of encouragement and motivation to me and hundreds of Child Development students at my Community College. For the past ten years you have provided uplifting messages through your conference workshops and keynote presentations to Child Development students, Child Care Directors, Mentors, Teachers, and graduates. One of your wonderful themes have stuck with us for years, Moving Forward...No Limits. What a great message to share with a group of people who are striving to make educational and professional changes in their lives yet facing so many hurdles and obstacle daily. Thank you again. I am looking forward to many more years of friendship, professional collaborations, and most importantly, hearing you share your message with others.